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Sequence-dependent catalytic regulation of the SpoIIIE motor activity ensures directionality of DNA translocation


Osvaldo Chara, Augusto Borges, Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet, Marcelo Nöllmann & Diego I. Cattoni Scientific Reports 2018
Accelerated cell divisions drive the outgrowth of the regenerating spinal cord in axolotls
Fabian Rost, Aida Rodrigo Albors, Vladimir Mazurov, Lutz Brusch, Andreas Deutsch, Elly M Tanaka, Osvaldo Chara. eLIFE 2016
Live Imaging of Axolotl Digit Regeneration Reveals Spatiotemporal Choreography of Diverse Connective Tissue Progenitor Pools
Joshua D. Currie, Akane Kawaguchi, Ricardo Moreno Traspas, Maritta Schuez, Osvaldo Chara, Elly M. Tanaka. Dev Cell 2016
Familial chilblain lupus due to a gain-of-function mutation in STING
N. König, C. Fiehn, C. Wolf, M. Schuster, E. Cura Costa, V. Tüngler, H. A. Alvarez, O. Chara, K. Engel, R. Goldbach-Mansky, C. Günther, and M. A. Lee-Kirsch Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 2016
Planar cell polarity-mediated induction of neural stem cell expansion during axolotl spinal cord regeneration
Rodrigo Albors A, Tazaki A, Rost F, Nowoshilow S, Chara O, Tanaka EM. eLife 2015

Progressive specification rather than intercalation of segments during limb regeneration


Roensch K*, Tazaki A*, Chara O & Tanaka EM

Science 2013