In the media

SysBio in the media:

Interviews in which we describe what we do in SysBio (in Spanish).

  1. A science popularization article was published in the CONICET’s website, in the CCT La Plata site and in the University of La Plata site describing our last article unveiling the mechanism of DNA segregation by a molecular motor published in Scientific Reports.
  2. How do bacteria survive in extreme conditions? New advances on how a molecular motor regulates directionality during chromosome transport. Article by Osvaldo Chara and Augusto Borges for CienciaNet
  3. Axolotl is a fantastic animal – Interview to Osvaldo Chara – El tornillo de Arquímedes (radio program)
  4. Stem cells go back in time following a signalling pathway.  Interview to Osvaldo Chara – CONICET
  5.  Tissue regeneration. Interview to Osvaldo Chara – CienciaNet
  6. News from a proccess that is surprising.  Interview to Osvaldo Chara – CONICET
  7. It is discovered how some organisms can regenerate their limbs. Interview to Osvaldo CharaEL DIA (newspaper)

Image: Axolotl. An animal with interesting regenerative capabilities, the lead character in one of our SysBio research lines. (C) CRTD.