About our Group

Mechanical vertex model of tissues

Simulation of a 2D epithelial tissue using Vertex Model. In this simulation red cells divide at random times and green cells do not divide.

DNA segregation in bacteria.

Interaction of the motor SpoIIIE along a DNA with the specific sequence (SRS) in the absence of ATP predicted by a mathematical model. ( Chara et Al., 2018)

Vestigial dynamics in the developing fly wing

Developing tissue in which a recruitment mechanism is modeled by an ODE for each cell.

Tissue regeneration

Regenerating tissue in a multi-scale model using Morpheus software (Starruß et al.,  2014).

SysBio constitutes an interdisciplinary group working in what is known as Systems Biology. Our focus is in mathematical modeling of biological systems. We enthusiastically participate of interdisciplinary projects with theoretical and experimental groups from Argentina and around the world.

Even though the mathematical models developed/studied in SysBio attempt to explain fairly general biological phenomena, nowadays we aim to understand spatiotemporal patterns of signaling pathways in different physiological and physiopathological processes at a tissue, cellular and molecular level.

In the navigation menue you will find links to the projects we are actually working on at SysBio, as well as our publications, our grants and the events that we organize.

In SysBio we are always interested in highly motivated candidates to do a bachelor thesis, a PhD or a postdoc in our group. Please, send us an email with your CV to Osvaldo Chara (ochara@iflysib.unlp.edu.ar).

Image: Axolotl. An animal with interesting regenerative capabilities, the lead character in one of our SysBio research lines. (C) CRTD.

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